Flybits Air

Flybits Air is a context-aware intelligent mobile solution that delivers efficient passenger travel through real-time mobile engagement of passengers, visitors and staff. Flybits performs as a personal concierge to enhance the passenger experience of travellers, as well as improve operational efficiencies of all airport stakeholders such as airlines, retail shops, airport authorities etc.

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Flybits Retail

Flybits Retail is a context-aware software platform for retailers, franchise stores and mall owners to deploy intelligent apps and mobile solutions. The solution enables the creation of smart zones with easy replication across multiple store locations in order to deliver targeted, relevant, location-based information, coupons or offers to shoppers.  It can also be used to enhance mobile communications with mobile employees, managers and contractors.  Equipped with a user-friendly management console and workforce management capabilities, Flybits Retail can leverage loyalty, merchandising, brand and promotional information to enhance customer traffic, increase cross sell, drive revenue, improve customer service and increase staff productivity.

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Flybits Connected Car

CAVALIS is a cost-effective and scalable solution for Traveler Information Services’ communication strategies, rapidly connecting drivers with critical information about traffic congestion, construction zones, emergency vehicles, special events etc. The system offers an intelligent platform for mobile communication across drivers, public transit passengers, the government and local authorities.

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Flybits Transit

Flybits Transit is a context-aware intelligent mobile solution designed for transit authorities to  improve real time communications with passengers and their staff.   With Flybits Transit, transit authorities can provide targeted messaging, content and notifications to passengers based on their location, route or destination on their mobile devices as well as enable real time mobile communications with their Customer Service staff.   

Flybits provides transit authorities with an easy-to-use, intuitive Management Console with an intuitive interface that allows administrators to create, deploy and manage information services to passengers and internally. Transit business users can rapidly make updates to provide timely and relevant content to mobile users on information updates such as delays, changes or emergencies.

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Intelligent Mobile Solutions for Personalized and Relevant Information

What if smart phones could “sense” who we are, where we are and what was important to us? Imagine if they could deliver personalized and relevant information to us based on our contextual environment, needs and interests while protecting our privacy. 

Now that solution exists!

Flybits addresses the problem of information overload and the opportunity for providing personalized and relevant content to mobile users. Employing patent-protected context-aware technology, the Flybits platform and applications deliver relevant, timely and location-based information to targeted mobile users (employees and customers).

Flybits allows any company or user to deliver intelligent mobile solutions on an international scale. Using Flybits everyone can build, deploy and benefit from context-aware services and mobile analytics. Customers, employees, suppliers: everyone you touch will enjoy the ultimate mobile user experience, receiving exactly the information they want or need at exactly the right time. Flybits creates opportunities – connecting people and places to possibilities™.

Flybits – Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Flybits’ corporate value lies in its’ comprehensiveness as an end-to-end complete context-aware mobile solution for enterprises across several vertical sectors. Organizations can use Flybits software platform to optimize the mobile customer experience by:

  • Disseminating information to users in real-time through the creation of semantic-driven geo-fences
  • Associating business rules with Flybits Apps through simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Safeguarding user privacy in accordance with Privacy by Design Standards
  • Gain insight through mobile usage analytics, resulting in improved content
    and services
  • Implementation of a Cloud-based and PaaS architecture, enabling a flexible,
    low cost delivery model that is scalable, easy-to-use and update