Arman Masoumi

What brought you here?
First off, Flybits has some remarkable people. They’ve set extremely ambitious goals for themselves. Finally, they have great potential. I was introduced to the team in the early days of the company, when they were still very much grounded in scientific and academic research. Seeing Flybits translate that into an innovative product has been compelling. It wasn’t hard seeing myself being successful here.

What attracts you to your current role? 
My role allows me to apply my skills toward building something novel and useful, while continuously improving my skill set. The impact that we make every day, as well as the human relationships I’ve built with the team have been immensely rewarding.

There is no shame in not knowing. There is shame in not attempting to know.

With regards to future potential, where do you think AI will add the greatest value for financial services?
AI can strengthen the relationship between financial institutions and their customers by personalizing offers and products. Apart from helping the end customer with relevant experiences, it can eliminate a lot of overhead and cost, while increasing effectiveness.

What is your leadership philosophy?
I’m a strong believer in leading by example, and being there for my team when they need guidance. I enjoy working with the team and growing with them while enabling them to reach their objectives.

What are you learning right now?
I’m iteratively learning how to build scalable products and teams that can serve the needs of financial institutions. On the technical side, I’m developing a deep understanding of how to apply rigorous data security standards within the context of machine learning. On the human side, I’m learning to align and motivate teams to reach that goal.

Tell me what we do in your own words.
We enable financial institutions to provide their customers with the right information at the right time. By taking a more targeted approach to outreach, they can optimize on their ability to hit important goals and deliver experiences that are more relevant and personal.

How would you describe yourself?
Professionally, I strive to surprise and delight the consumer. I believe that time spent learning is time well spent. I’m constantly looking for new ways to be more efficient. Outside of work, I’m all about soccer and music, but not necessarily in that order!

What do you bring to the table?
My expertise in software engineering and AI education are critical technical competencies. Beyond that, my familiarity with the team and the needs of our sector all help me make a positive impact every day.

Any lasting thoughts?
There is no shame in not knowing. There is shame in not attempting to know.