David Kao

Why do you work at Flybits?
The attractive points are its ambition, the way it creates more value out of data, and its people. It’s a very innovative space. I love Flybits’ value proposition and how it aligns with where the market is headed. I really enjoy working with my team. The collaboration and meritocracy are invigorating. I love how diverse the team is and how everyone is committed to achieving a common goal.

Why are you a product consultant?
I graduated from the MBA program at Columbia and worked as a consultant at Accenture prior to Flybits. I wanted to stay in the technology and innovation space. This role provides me with a perfect opportunity to apply what I know from the business and technology sides. The realization of the technology we’re building, finding and treating pain points for our customers, and identifying use cases to demonstrate our value is fulfilling.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?
It would probably be Sapiens. The book explains humanity—who we are, why we do certain things, and how we evolved, from a scientific perspective.

What’s something great about Flybits you would have never known before working here?
My team. I really enjoy working with them. You can research the market, the technology, but you can’t really understand what it’s like to work with certain people until you do. My team has helped me grow my strengths and build confidence. The greatest aspect of working here is that I get to decide who I am, and I have the opportunity to bring my best self to work every day.