Jay Graver

What did you do before joining Flybits?
Prior to joining Flybits I led Solutions Sales for a Global Payment Card Manufacturer. I sold, designed and delivered mobile payment solutions throughout the Americas. Before working in digital payments I was a vulnerability research engineer working in network security and cryptography. I enjoy speaking at industry conferences – back when that was a thing.

What attracted you to Flybits and can you explain what you do?
Toronto based FinTech working with AI and Personalized Digital Marketing – that got me right there! As a consumer I know for a fact I am easily influenced and I wanted to be a part of this developing industry.

As for what we (the Solutions Team) do?
We are the subject matter experts that use technology to solve our customers’ business problems.

What keeps you up at night?
My children.

What motivates you?
The joy of solving complex problems with elegant solutions, and bringing order and beauty to chaos. As an engineer I enjoy creating things.

What’s the biggest data privacy challenge banks are facing today?
Large financial institutions have long struggled with reconciling the identities of customers across their own systems. The bigger the bank the bigger the problem. Understanding where exactly a user’s data lives is increasingly important as regulation shifts data ownership towards the individual. Companies of all sizes will need an approach that quickly drives value from datasets which now expire artificially, due to data retention restrictions. Most importantly financial institutions need to show their customers WHY they request sensitive personal data such as locations. The recent changes in mobile permissions will place increased pressure on Marketing, Education and Customer Communications towards end-users to keep services functioning as designed.

What motivates me is solving complex problems with elegant solutions, and bringing order and beauty to chaos.

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?
Despite what you think about their business model and feel about their leadership – invest in Apple and Amazon (in a big, big way).

What are you most proud of?
Passing my interests and skills on to my kids. Professionally I would say my proudest accomplishment is establishing Flybits’ Solution Team.

Any final thoughts?
“Don’t let things like physics and measurements get in the way of your dreams.”