Sean Frigault

What did you want to be when you grew up?
As a kid growing up, I always wanted to be an astronaut. The idea of being on the cutting edge and exploring new and exciting environments has always been a passion of mine. I suppose working at Flybits offers many of the same elements as we continue to expand into a new digital world. Unfortunately, I would still love to fly a shuttle…

Everyone’s perspective is different and being able to leverage all of it is the true secret to success.

So how did you end up at one of Canada’s fastest-growing startups?
From the first moment I heard of Flybits, I was extremely impressed and very eager to work for such an innovative and fast pace company. My path to working at Flybits includes over 15 years of experience in the fintech sector, mainly in Sales and Account Management, as well as key positions in product, engineering, project management and operations at organizations including Finastra, FCT (Division of First American Corporation), D+H, and CIBC. Flybits has also given me the opportunity to leverage my academic background including a Bachelor of Engineering degree from McGill University, an MBA from the University of Toronto, and a certificate with Lean Six Sigma.

What’s the secret to customer success?
Having the right team and people in place in the entire organization who have a passion to succeed and are empowered with the right tools, support, and autonomy.

Who is your greatest mentor and why?
I have trouble pinpointing one person. In my view, you can be inspired by great leaders such as Barack Obama or people who have been extremely successful and commit to great acts of charity like Bill Gates, or even sometimes my son, who at 8 years old will look after his 5-year-old sister or show tremendous acts of selflessness towards her. I believe we can learn great things from many people and ultimately the collective learnings can truly make us better.

When you look back at your career so far, what has been your biggest learning?
Everyone’s perspective is different and being able to leverage all of it is the true secret to success.

What are you most proud of?
My 2 kids!

Describe yourself in one word