Create moments that matter

We’re on the hunt for individuals who are striving to be a catalyst for change, eager to grow our collective wellbeing, and ready to fly with impact.

Life at Flybits

We’ll give you the freedom and flexibility to think big and create impact. We are motivated by each other, our diverse experiences, and a passionate thirst for growth. Our values are guided by a trust-based culture that empowers us to speak up and make a difference whenever we can.

"What we do is a bit like science fiction - except that it's real"

– Gerti Dervishi, Chief Growth Officer at Flybits

Be a catalyst for change

We embrace moments that matter where we can be passionate about what we do, be innovative, and learn.

Grow the collective

Our biggest asset is us. We believe in kindness, inspire one another, embrace our differences, and nurture wellbeing.

Fly with impact

Every day we champion our vision and focus on impact.

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Our team

Flybits is one of the world’s top fintech companies. We’re backed by global brands, including TD Bank, Mastercard, and Point 72 Ventures. Our executive team is a diverse group of leaders spearheading growth and innovation across engineering, product, operations, and partnerships. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Board represent industry experts and globally recognized thought leaders in banking and innovation.

Our co-op program

Through our academic partnerships, we gain fresh perspectives, ideas, and knowledge from our talented co-op students. Each gets the opportunity to cultivate new skills, learn, and grow by tackling real-world industry challenges and gaining valuable engineering and product experience building new solutions on the Flybits platform.

The benefits of working at Flybits

Our biggest asset is our people, so we like to take care of them.

Here’s what we offer:

  • “Choose your own adventure” career paths.
  • 100% employer-paid health and dental benefits
  • Learning and development budget
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Employee-led development programs
  • Continuous learning culture
  • Flexible remote working options 
  • Access to employer bonus and options programs

“Choose your own adventure” career paths

Learning and development budget

Employee-led development programs

Flexible remote working options

100% employer-paid health and dental benefits

Generous vacation policy

Continuous learning culture

Access to employer bonus and options programs

I am fully trusted and supported to experiment with creative ideas, bring them to life, and make an impact.

Renee Lin, Experience Design Consultant

What I like about Flybits is that it's a place to blaze new trails. There's no playbook. It's for you to write.

Rebecca Engelberg, Product Marketing Manager

I appreciate the balance that I’m able to maintain… my work is challenging enough to not let me get stuck in the captivity of monotony and flexible enough for me to have time for my hobbies and my personal life

Ankur Jain, Backend Engineer

Flybits is very diverse in every aspect. It unites the greatest minds, a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and professional experiences to create an incredibly innovative platform and product.

Samir Nakib, Solutions Engineer

The keyword is people. Flybits has an amazing team dynamic and culture, to the point that I always feel like I am working with a group of friends.

Jack Wang, Front End Engineer

I love working in a fast-paced industry that is constantly growing, but why I chose to work at Flybits is because of the capacity one has to collaborate and see the impact of their day to day work.

Janaka Welihinda, Business Development Executive

Your burning questions answered...

Little known fact: there are actually three Hossein Rahnamas. Hossein Prime created two digital copies of himself using his online data. They help him juggle his busy schedule.

At Flybits, you truly have the opportunity to carve out your own path, and we’ll empower you to soar as high as you want to fly! You have stretch opportunities within your role, the ability to work with cross-functional teams and expand your skill set, and budget for external training or skills development programs. We also encourage our employees to share their knowledge with the team to fuel our culture of continuous learning.

It started with each employee getting a Lego version of themselves, and a representation of their team and tenure at Flybits. Playing with Lego boosts creativity, and it’s an outlet for employees to express and develop their creative skills. We love it so much we even dedicated a creative room to it.

Somebody had to clear up all those misconceptions about the dinosaurs. For example, did you know that chickens are the closest living relatives of the tyrannosaurus rex? Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

It’s actually pretty straightforward. Flybits is “flying bits”. Every piece of data in the world boils down to 1’s and 0’s. In programming speak, these are called bits, and they are literally ‘flying’ everywhere. In a world where data is increasing exponentially and consumption habits are changing, information has to find you as opposed to you looking for it, kind of like a reverse google search. Our platform captures these flying bits and brings relevance to an individual.

  • One of our engineers forgot to hit mute and decided to belt out Lizzo’s “Juice” during a virtual standup. Hey, it’s a catchy song. 
  • Seeing a deer walk up to my window, and me instantly going wide-eyed and instinctively mumbling “holy $%#” in front of five colleagues
  • Our CEO’s dad jumping on a zoom webinar one minute before we were about to go live to 400 people (his dad had accidentally logged into our CEO’s account) 
  • Talking to my kid in a baby voice in front of 12 salespeople when I thought I was on mute. #lifehappens
  • My son walking into the room crying the word “cartooooooon…” (He would not ask to watch cartoons but would only cry for them only when I was on a work call).

‘Interesting’ would be an understatement. We had to move fast and turn Flybits into a fully remote company overnight. Everyone’s experience has been different. Understanding our team’s needs and supporting them through all this uncertainty  has not been easy but we are able to adapt and act quickly. We’re still learning and continuing to evolve as we transition into a new hybrid, work culture.

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