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Oi Hua Lee

The 5 Pain Points Banks Must Overcome to Reap Digital Transformation ROI

Financial Services Face 5 Key Challenges In Digital Transformation Financial institutions that fail to innovate their technology infrastructure, as well as the way they use and access data, will watch competitors pass them by. This is largely due to the fact that consumer expectations for easier, more personalized service have never been higher.

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Privacy by Design, More Than a Strategy

Consumer data privacy is seemingly at the forefront of every conversation about technology in the current climate. When major hacks such as last year’s Experian data breach happen, renewed calls for more stringent data protection protocols inevitably occur. Additionally, the recent predicament involving Facebook sharing customer data has also brought the issue of privacy to

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Finovate Spring 2018 Demo

Founder and CEO, Hossein Rahnama and Director of Software Tools and Frameworks, Justin Lam demonstrated our capabilities to attendees at Finovate Spring 2018. The demonstration showcased the depth of our Digital Experience Platform by delivering  engaging use cases to the audience in real time. Watch the video below for the full demonstration. Finovate Spring 2018

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Insurance Literacy: How to Reach Millennials

One of the most dominating topics across the financial services industry over the last several years has been around how to best market to and acquire millennials as customers[1]. Much of this discussion comes from a banking and finance perspective; how to offer millennials loans, how to get them to invest, how to sell them

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Go Beyond Conventional Marketing

Traditional marketing, such as print, broadcast or direct mail are being left in the dust as technology advancements spur digital innovation. Even more modern tactics such as push notifications could be considered “traditional,” as they have become the new norm and standard marketing practice for global organizations. Customers now consume most of their content –

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Go Beyond Push Notifications

We live in an app-based world and as every aspect of life becomes increasingly digitally connected and mobile, applications will continue to become the primary way consumers interact in any friendly or business-related communications. The total number of app downloads is estimated at 197 billion in 2017[1]. While the app category people spend the most

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