Flybits Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

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Flybits Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

In a move set to transform the landscape of digital banking, Flybits, a leading provider of personalized digital banking experiences, has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. This partnership aims to empower banks and financial institutions with the tools they need to enhance customer engagement, satisfaction through data-driven, personalized digital experiences, and support NayaOne’s mission to support bank-fintech partnerships. 

Chris Pinkerton, Chief Growth Officer, “Flybits is proud to partner with NayaOne, marking a significant leap forward in enhancing and personalizing the customer experience (CX) for financial institutions. Through this collaboration, Flybits’ personalization platform will empower banks and credit unions to move beyond transactional interactions, gaining deeper insights into customer needs and preferences. Together, we’re revolutionizing CX, laying the groundwork for ongoing innovation.” 

Varun Resh, Marketplace Manager: “We welcome Flybits to the NayaOne Technology Marketplace. The competition from neobanks and megabanks has raised the bar in the financial services sector. Customers’ increasing demand for modern, efficient, and personalized services is pushing traditional institutions to adapt and integrate advanced technologies rapidly.” 

The financial services industry is witnessing a surge in competition from neobanks and megabanks. Community banks, credit unions, Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs), and Community Development Financial Institutions Funds (CDFIs) are striving to retain customers and grow deposits amidst this competitive landscape. To succeed, these institutions must enhance their vendor evaluation, customer engagement and satisfaction through personalized digital banking experiences. 

Problems Solved by Flybits:

  1. Lack of Personalization: Many financial institutions struggle to deliver personalized experiences, resulting in generic communications that fail to resonate with customers. Flybits leverages data-driven insights to deliver highly personalized and contextualized experiences, boosting customer engagement and loyalty. 
  2. Fragmented Customer Data: Institutions often have vast amounts of customer data stored across multiple systems. Flybits aggregates and analyses data from various sources to provide a unified view of each customer, enabling more targeted marketing campaigns and offers. 
  3. Ineffective Marketing Campaigns: Traditional marketing campaigns often rely on broad segmentation, leading to low conversion rates. Flybits allows institutions to create targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting customers based on behaviours, preferences, and needs, delivering personalized offers in real-time. 
  4. Limited Digital Engagement: Banks and Financial institutions frequently struggle to engage customers effectively across digital channels. Flybits enables seamless, personalized experiences across mobile apps, websites, and online banking platforms, driving digital engagement, enhancing overall customer experience, and supporting corporate innovation
  5. Extensive Customer Support Needs: Personalized experiences reduce the need for extensive customer support. Flybits provides real-time relevant information and assistance, leading to more efficient operations and improved customer satisfaction. 

Key Features and Benefits of Flybits:

  • Adaptive Digital Banking: Deliver products and messaging tailored to individual saving, investment, and financial goals. 
  • Contextually Relevant Messaging: Move beyond generic messaging by combining real-time context with personalized information for each individual. 
  • User-Guided Dynamic Experiences: Collect insights from customer goals and feedback to create tailored experiences. 
  • Templated Experiences: Access a library of proven templated experiences aligned with specific business goals. 
  • Cloud-Based, White-Label Solution: Integrate personalized experiences matching your brand and content goals within weeks. 

What are the Benefits for Banks and Enterprises: 

  • Higher engagement through contextual marketing and personalized content. 
  • Improved retention through dynamic journeys that adapt to customer goals. 
  • Operational efficiency with no required code knowledge for designing and launching campaigns. 
  • Minimized customer support needs through contextualized experiences. 

The tech provider delivers tangible benefits to customers, providing cost savings through targeted discounts and incentives based on previous behaviour, improving financial health with suggestions and solutions aligned with individual financial goals, and increasing trust and loyalty through hyper-personalized recommendations.  

These benefits are validated through notable case studies, such as Members 1st Federal Credit Union, which experienced a 92% increase in HELOC conversion rates in less than half the time compared to previous non-personalized campaigns, onboarded 315,000 members, and achieved a 30% increase in use cases launched.  
Chris Conway, VP of Digital Products at Members 1st, emphasized that “Flybits is more than just a vendor; they are a real partner to Members 1st.”  

Similarly, Flybits played a critical role in accelerating TD Bank’s growth in the U.S. by providing new personalized mobile experiences. Rizwan Khalfan, EVP and Chief Digital & Payment Officer at TD Bank Group, noted that “Flybits is the connective tissue between internal and external data, enabling highly personalized experiences.” These successes demonstrate Flybits’ ability to deliver exceptional, personalized digital banking experiences that drive significant customer and business outcomes. 


Flybits’ partnership with NayaOne marks a significant leap forward in enhancing personalized customer experiences for financial institutions. Through this collaboration, Flybits aims to empower banks and credit unions to deliver deeper insights and more personalized interactions, driving ongoing innovation in the financial services sector. Together, Flybits and NayaOne are poised to revolutionize the customer experience, setting a new standard for personalization in digital banking. 

NayaOne accelerates banks’ innovation by helping them find, evaluate, and onboard new tech vendors in a secure, air-gapped testing environment. This bypasses traditional procurement and TPRM processes. With access to synthetic datasets, a tech marketplace, and a digital sandbox, enterprises can scale third-party technologies to production and build functional proofs-of-concept in 4-6 weeks, instead of the usual 9-12 months.

About Flybits:

Flybits revolutionizes how financial institutions deliver personalization. Utilizing our award-winning framework, we simplify the connection between financial institutions, their data, and their customers. Our platform expedites the delivery of critical use cases with minimal IT intervention. Empowering the digital teams to regain control and seamlessly deliver data-led insights across all channels.

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