Build brand affinity and loyalty

Gain better insights on your customers, and work the entire loyalty hierarchy by offering them the best offer or communication in the right context.

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Build engagement before, during, and after interactions and purchases.

Give customers what they need, at the right moment, through the right channel.

Build engagement before, during, and after interactions and purchases.

Provide offers and rebates

Encourage customers to adopt multiple products by reminding them of special rebates for credit card fees or offers for low-interest loans.

Diversify spend

Incentivize cardholders to diversify spending behavior. Offer customers point accelerators for different category spend.

Surprise and delight customers

Add a little joy to your customers day by providing a special offer. Be it for a slice of cake on their birthday, a cup of coffee at their favorite cafe, or a relevant offer when they’re out on the town.

A consumer's preferences has to be won every time–it is not one and done. And that ability to win every consumer transaction makes it necessary for the marketer to know what the context for each of those transactions is the location, the occasion, the motivation; all at that very moment of truth.

Raja Rajamannar, CMO of Mastercard

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