Digital Transformation in Wealth Management: Capitalizing on the Millennial Market

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Flybits is trusted by forward-thinking customers.

Flybits enables you to:

Deliver the right content, where and when it matters most to your consumer.

Unify disparate sources of public and proprietary data, without technical barriers.

Significantly reduce the time-to-market of your customer engagement initiatives.

Our work with TD Bank.

TD Bank Group chose Flybits to help generate personalized, valuable interactions with its Canadian customers beyond the branch. Today, 1.2 million TD for Me users have embraced Flybits’ innovative technology. Adoption continues to increase as TD successfully employs Flybits’ data intelligence and contextualization capabilities to drive digital engagement.

Intelligent digital experiences, made easy.

Flybits hides the complexity of data intelligence and contextualization. Our solution lets you harness endless sources of data – proprietary, public, from device sensors and real time user behavior – to deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences that drive customer engagement. Delight your customers – create experiences that matter.