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Build A Context-aware Environment In 4 Easy Steps!

Select a space or a connected object.

Flybits allows you to build rules around selected geography (both outdoor and indoor) in a granular way. Examples can be a meeting room in your office, your department at the university or a venue that you are attending. Also, using Flybits new IoT tools, you can apply these rules to connected objects within a space such as wearables and sensors. Example is a Flybits-enabled fridge that can communicate with your phones and wearable activity trackers to give you better insights on your dietary needs.

Use our visual context and logic tools to curate a contextual experience.

Using an intuitive and easy-to-use visual interface, you can curate different mobile experiences for different devices and groups in your social network. You can control the timing of your experience, its permissions and usage, the language this experience should be delivered in and what type of user interface should be used to address the needs of your audience.

Select apps, services, social data, APIs and triggers to enhance the experience.

Flybits has more than 17 Application repositories, each serving a particular category. Some of our categories include Travel, Stadiums, Smart Homes, Games, Smart Offices and even Connected Cars. Our users can select from more than a dozen templates from each category to build a context aware experience for their daily life; from when they drive to work, all the way to their Saturday night events.

Build insight, predict your users’ needs and provide them with situational awareness.

Flybits is supported by a strong Data Analytics Engine that gives each user insights about the performance of their curated experience. Users can get real-time data on their curated experience, in addition to having access to an analytics dashboard that generates insights about the effectiveness of their previous experiences.

Current Sectors Utilizing Flybits

  • Security and Law Enforcement

    Vigilance and situtational-awareness are important for any successful emergency operation. With Flybits, Field Officers can quickly retrieve sensory and contextual data in real-time. The operation experience can be created both by officers and command centres using the Flybits Curator platform. As officers move from one location to another, critical situational data will automatically adapt based on their context and deliver the best possible awareness during the operation.

  • Smarter Cities

    A Smart City employing Flybits technology can deliver a connected spectrum of relevant and targeted services and experiences to citizens in a completely customized fashion. Using Flybits, members of the public can each enjoy a personalized mobile experience while commuting around the city. Real-time camera feeds, emergency alerts, congestion reports, alternative routes and events can all be given to passengers using unified Flybits-enabled solutions. The platform can also be accessed by all municipal entities such as the city, police, fire, events, museums and so on. A Flybits-powered Smart City shifts gears as you do — transforming a single app on your phone from an airport app that guides you to your gate to a transit app based on your location of travel at the time, automatically. Always interpreting context, Flybits will also leverage sensory data switching to voice-mode on it's own the second you start driving. Integration possibilities are endless with Flybits, composing one single Smart City experience to the end user.

  • Publishing/Advertising

    Using Flybits Curator, publishers and advertisers can deliver relevant information to their audience in a timely fashion. This information can include (but is not limited to) apps, social media data, promotions and/or a direction to a store. Targeted, customized content delivery has never been easier — Publishers/Advertisers can increase consumption through strategic design and curation — no programming or coding required.

  • Connected Cars

    Context awareness and in-car mobile technology offers benefits beyond infotainment for drivers and passengers. Using Flybits, each car can can become an intelligent app store which delivers relevant data and services to drivers and passengers using contextual data. From enabling patrollers and snow-plows to effectively service roads to drivers who get notified when approaching a school zone; these are just some of the connected-car services that our customers have built using the Flybits Curator.Using Flybits Curator, every car can can perform as an intelligent app store, delivering contextual data, apps and services to drivers and passengers. Flybits for the connected car serves customers, government and industry — from notifying drivers when approaching a school zone to enabling patrollers and snow-plows to effectively service roads; these are just some of the connected-car services that our customers have built using Flybits Curator.

  • Public Transit

    Imagine train stations and bus stops that understand your itinerary and preferences. Using Flybits, transit entities can provision the most relevant data at the right time — direct to their passengers’ mobile device. Services like these are being offered today by public transit entities using Flybits in Europe and North America. Transit riders can find out how much time is needed to make their train and on which platform. Miss a connection? Flybits will immediately suggest alternative routes to ease the delay.

  • Smart Venues

    The excitement surrounding a live event can be amplified using your mobile device as a second screen — delivering a VIP experience that offers additional information, data and view points to every guest. Attending a concert? Find out and share photos with friends who like the artist too. A smart venue can also allow guests to interact with signage to express their ideas.

    Venue organizers want real-time insight on how effectively events are managed and how guests are interacting with the surrounding entertainment. Flybits Curator’s web console visualizes behaviours and analytics to help make stadiums and venues smarter and more interactive.

  • Retail Banking

    Understanding the needs of customers and delivering the relevant information is a key success metric for all financial institutions. Using Flybits, customers can quickly communicate with their branch managers, understand offers that are relevant to their account types and interact with their local branch as a community hub rather than a standard bank branch.