Data privacy is
a human right

We live in an age of data insecurity where consumers are growing weary of trusting organizations with their data.

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A consent-based approach, with Flybits

We enable financial Institutions to become trusted gatekeepers of consumer data by ensuring data is used transparently, so you can focus on building trust and creating value. We do this by enabling your customers to choose when to share their data and for what purpose, creating a good data ecosphere, and delivering high-value experiences that serve them. In turn, they will be more likely to exchange their data for experiences, which they can trust are being delivered responsibly.

Here’s how we do it

  • GDPR

    The Flybits Platform is compliant with GDPR, a stringent legislation governing personal data and data processing.

  • Synthetic ID protection

    The synthetic IDs on our platform are not personally identifiable or reversible by Flybits, reducing the impact of a potential data breach.

  • Abstract identifiers

    Our management console, the Flybits Experience Studio, does not provide direct visibility to any customer's' context data meaning no user can view customer data.

Here’s how we do it

  • Consent and opt-out

    We obtain a customer’s consent prior to data collection and provide clear opt-out methods.

  • Customer control

    Your customer’s accumulated personal data can be retrieved, returned or deleted upon request.

  • Aggregated data

    All analytics, simulations and reports are provided at aggregate levels. Only the bank or financial institution can map the synthetic ID back to identifiable customer attributes.

Data transparency is among the most critical issues facing financial institutions today. The Flybits guided opt-in flow offers three levels of permissions: concierge service, location tracking, and notifications. It further explains what personal data is required and how it will be used, ensuring an individual’s privacy is protected. Flybits does not rely on personally identifiable data to deliver personalized experiences.

A consent-based approach to consumer data ensures their privacy is protected when leveraging financial data to drive customer value creation.

Hossein Rahnama

—Hossein Rahnama
    Founder & CEO

Gaining trust means giving control

Privacy with consent

Flybits advocates data and algorithmic transparency by putting customers in the driver’s seat with their data.

Giving customers control

The Flybits platform includes a built-in guided opt-in as part of the user experience to give customers control over what data they provide.

Full transparency

Let customers know what data is required and how it will be used. Best of all, offer peace of mind with the promise of data privacy.

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Building trust

We all know how banks have served customers in traditional economies, but what matters today is how a bank is prepared to serve its customers in the data economy. This white paper examines how banks can adopt new rules to build reputation and trust to become a central hub of their customers’ digital lives.

What are customers saying?

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PWC, Protect. Me Survey, 2017

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