Flybits labs —
where creativity meets invention

A world-class innovation incubator based out of Flybits and Toronto Metropolitan University — is an ideation playground where technical teams, designers, academics, SMEs, and corporations can unite to collaborate and design commercial solutions using emerging technology to address industry challenges.


A secure next-gen XR solution for enterprises

Open Dome is a fully secure and immersive way for your customers to learn, play and transact with their personal financial ecosystem, augmenting the digital with real, creating a high-touch banking experience they have never experienced anywhere else.


Breaking down barriers between offices & remote workspaces

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Your Secure Generative AI Concierge in Creating Experiences

Meet Nestor, a sophisticated and intelligent generative AI Flybits plug-in that expedites the creation of customer experiences with generative AI models and prompts. Nestor simplifies the complexities of customer journey building and delivers relevant information and experiences to the right audience at the right time.


Helping build a data ecosystem

Flybits is at the forefront of privacy-led data innovation. This is the first step for towards a data ecosystem.

Canard Bleu is a pioneering consortium of financial services, logistics, technology, and academic partners focused on strengthening supply chain resilience by addressing the liquidity challenges of Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises.

Tha Canard Bleu Consortium: including: Financial Institution, Small and medium enterprises, Distributed Data and Ai Credit Risk indicators, and Global logistic providers all connected by data for services and payments
Data-ecosystem-pie-chart-1200 1

A future outlook with Flybits' data ecosystems

  • Data and consent

    Are the core to immersive experiences that unite industries and serve customers.

  • Data network effects

    Organizations of the future will be assessed on cross-industry experiences.

  • Banks as a data hub

    Classic industry boundaries will disappear and there is a major opportunity for banks to become a hub of connecting verticals.