Revitalizing neighborhoods through a data exchange

Support local businesses by digitally connecting them to a bank’s network of customers.

An innovative mobile initiative that strengthens communities

The Flybits Small Business Empowerment program, helps banks become a community hub, supporting local businesses impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through a bank’s mobile channel, powered by Flybits, it can create a data exchange ecosystem, providing businesses with direct access to its network of customers (who have opted in), helping them to grow revenue and increase traffic to their stores, while delivering meaningful value to a bank’s customers.  
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higher engagement rates than traditional marketing channels
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Be a catalyst in revitalizing your community

Be a first mover: spearhead innovation, and enter the unsaturated data alliance market improving outcomes for both  your customers and local businesses.

Create value: for both commercial and retail customers to bank with you, by offering digital services beyond transactional banking.

Extend Industry Leadership: deriving new, innovative data services to provide sustainable revenue & cost advantage to businesses. 

Network effect: Increase value exponentially as unique partner insights are added into the network.

People who have walked by my store a hundred times are now coming. They'll come in once and I know they'll come back...

The Small Business Empowerment Program

Your bank’s data ecosystem is only half the equation. The Flybits platform does the rest. Our patented technology is what bridges a banks’ data and the offers provided by small businesses to your customers’ mobile devices in a contextual and relevant manner. What’s more, our pre-built experience templates allow you to tailor where, when, and why customers receive offers for a truly personalized experience.

How it works

  1. Leveraging a data exchange, businesses increase foot traffic by delivering offers to customers through the bank’s app.
  2. Customers who have opted in, meet data parameters (purchase history, personal preferences, and propensity to engage), and are within a 2km radius are delivered contextually relevant offers that add value. 
  3. Banks win the fight for relevance by playing a pivotal part in unifying and revitalizing the community.

Reinvigorating communities through small businesses

Businesses that once relied solely on foot traffic can now extend their reach through your banking app. Customers benefit from receiving contextually relevant offers. Finally, the bank—standing at the heart of the community as a trusted intermediary—delivers maximum value and utility to both its commercial and retail customers.