Personalized experiences for your top use cases

Delivering personalized experiences based on your customers’ real-world context, is no easy feat. Flybits simplifies the process with a one-time integration that can have you up and running in weeks.

Our team of experts is with you every step of the way: From building your first use cases, to platform implementation, to onboarding and training. The result: a no-code platform with OOTB templates your marketing and experience design teams can use with ease.

A phone showing on a map that it's at the airport and a personalized travel offer is popping up from the phone
Data diagram
    Party Data

    Bank's Data

    • Savings

    • Cards

    • Account ballance

    • Investments

    • Seach history


    • Social media

    • Subscriptions

    • Weather

    • Education

  • Customer
    • Wifi

    • Time of day

    • Location

    • Battery %

Solutions to supercharge your data

Bring the power of data to life with Flybits. Flybits unifies multiple, disparate data sources and turns them into strategic assets that empower banks and credit unions to deliver personalization at scale. Our data ingestion methods support cloud-to-cloud integrations, APIs, batch and .csv uploads, helping you easily connect services without the need for separate integration tools. All in a consent-based, privacy protected way with no interoperability concerns.

What can the Flybits platform do?

Flybits is a one-time, integration that complements your existing platforms so you can deliver highly-personalized, “privacy by design” experiences — quickly, securely, and responsibly.

Intelligence engine

Breakthrough data silos and enable better data ecosystem access across your organization and beyond, so you can have a stronger, real-time view of your customers.

Decrease costs

With simple and flexible data ingestion, avoid a costly integration process that requires significant resources and can take months to get to market.

A scalable data layer

Create data uniformity with a single integration layer for all data streams. Build repeatable experiences at scale, no matter what stage of the data journey you’re on.

Consent-based and secure

Be the trusted data hub for your customers, protecting their data like you protect their money while enabling them to choose what data to share without compromising service.

High Interoperability

Enhance your existing platforms to unlock your data’s potential. Flybits data connectors enable you to connect and unify CRMs, backends, partners, plus leverage location services to deliver personalized experiences in real-time.

No code

Empower your teams to design and launch campaigns with no required coding knowledge, helping improve efficiency and grow ROI throughout the customer lifecycle.

Privacy by design

Design consent-based, next generation experiences with peace of mind. The Flybits platform has security measures that meet financial industry standards, ensuring consumer data is used transparently, and privacy is protected at all times. Flybits Security & Privacy Standards

Enterprise-grade experience design

Build repeatable experiences, at scale, no matter what stage of the data journey you’re on. Flybits is designed to avoid IT constraints and expedite time to market with ready-to-launch experiences that your teams can customize to suit any goal.

How Flybits Works

Flybits is a complementary stack to your existing banking and credit union technology, helping you deliver end-to-end digital experience design, from data layer to in-channel messaging.

Solution Illustration

Connect data

Aggregate, unify, and normalize data from various sources while configuring data ingestion for your use cases.

Design your experiences

Empower your teams with reusable and editable OOTB ready-to-launch templates that require minimal IT support.

Deliver personalized content

Maximize interactions with real-time contextualized and personalized by embedding and enabling Flybits in your existing digital channels through a short integration process.

Scale up at any time

Maximize engagement and conversion by mapping interactions to customer needs. Grow your business with Flybits’ agile platform, adding more connectors and datasets.

A secure data ecosphere, anchored in privacy, consent, and trust

Flybits enables you to deliver next-gen personalization with peace of mind. We consistently review and update our security strategies and certifications to enable you to build and cultivate trust with your customers.

Here’s how we do it

  • SOC 2® Report

    Company recently received its first SOC 2® report on the organization's controls relevant to security

  • Data Trust

    GDPR compliance to ensure clear consent in the processing of personal data

  • Top-notch security measures

    Data encryption at rest and in transit

Building trust through privacy and concent

Data transparency is among the most critical issues facing financial institutions today. The Flybits guided opt-in flow offers three levels of permissions: concierge service, location tracking, and notifications. It further explains what personal data is required and how it will be used, ensuring an individual’s privacy is protected. Flybits does not rely on personally identifiable data to deliver personalized experiences.

Working with Flybits

Flybits streamlines the process of launching a data-led personalization program. From defining use cases and functional requirements, managing data integrations, to platform deployment, our Flybits experts work with three core technical groups from your business to help you get set up and launched.

Data team: To help source, access, and facilitate the transfer of data. Flybits then provides simple methods to ingest data with minimal lift from your team.

Security Team: To help manage user authentication to the backend system. Flybits has many supported authentication mechanisms that make it easy for your teams to integrate.

Mobile/ Web Dev Team: To work on updating application code to include Flybits. Flybits works with your developers to push code to applications running on iOS/Android/Web.

Project Phases over 7 months: 1. Initiation phase. 2. Discovery phase. 3. Design Phase. 4. Development Phase. 5. Testing. 6. Soft-Launch. 7. Go-live

Elevate your customer experience design capabilities

Drive up to 30% in incremental sales and improve marketing ROI by up to 22% with personalized onboarding and activation experiences

Increase engagement rates by 20-30% by securely delivering relevant and valuable card experiences across the customer lifecycle

Go live in record time with a one-time integration that can have you up and running in less than 12 weeks

See how Flybits can unlock the power of your data and transform your customer experience