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Our unrivaled contextual recommendation engine lets your financial institution deliver hyper-personalized products, offers, and content that your customers actually need.

Your customers have important milestones and financial needs. They’re looking for help to achieve life goals, both big and small.

Your financial institution understands the value of lifestyle banking and how it can help you meet your customers’ deeper needs. But you’re struggling with bringing the opportunity to life.

Enter Flybits.

We help you know what your customers need in the moment when they need it.

So you can deliver the right experiences that will help them reach their goals. This is the power of hyper-personalization. And our contextual recommendation engine makes it all possible.

What do we mean?

With Flybits, you deliver hyper-personalized recommendations that guide your customers along their unique journeys. Which is more effective than just showing a product or offer that may not be relevant.

Click on each customer to see how you can hyper-personalize their experiences.

How do we do this?

Well, it starts with really understanding your customers. We take the data you have about them and add new sources. With this enhanced data you can create and deliver the hyper-personalized experiences your customers crave. Here’s how it works.

Step 1:
Assemble your data.

Flybits helps you easily bring together all your sources of data and gives you access to additional contextual data so you can create the most complete views of your customers.

Step 2:
Orchestrate your experiences.
Using our platform you can easily design experiences and journeys for your customers using the perfect combination of data, context, and content.
Step 3:
Deliver to your customers.

Exceed customer expectations by proactively delivering hyper-personalized experiences on your digital channels that help them with their lifestyle banking and transactional needs.

Your customers need you.
We can help you help them.