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Flybits launches 200+ mobile banking experiences with the release of Experience Studio 2.0

TORONTO, ON (January 14, 2021)

Flybits, the leading digital experience platform for financial services, today announces the launch of Experience Studio 2.0. This major update empowers financial institutions to deliver beautifully designed, pre-built, and packaged experiences in real-time, and significantly improve customer engagement at scale. In an era where mobile visits now outweigh branch visits beyond 80:1, it is a critical time for banks to get the digital experience right.

“The complexity and time required to launch and scale personalized, relevant, and privacy-preserved digital experiences have been an ongoing challenge for banks, and we witnessed how much these stakes were raised last year,” says Jordanne Pavao, VP of Product at Flybits. “It’s not enough to simply have the tools and infrastructure to achieve faster time to market, but what is critically important is the way these experiences are created and the context in which the consumer is engaged.”

Experience Studio 2.0 is specifically designed to address and overcome these challenges – customers can now leverage a vast library of pre-built experiences that were developed using strategies required to deliver a best-in-breed personalized experience – from predictive financial insights and proactive nudges to passive financial education and dynamic policy planning. Digital and data teams can now accelerate the design, delivery, and measurement of experiences that drive customer acquisition, adoption, and retention beyond what’s possible through traditional PFM and bespoke App development practices.

Flybits’ Experience Studio 2.0 offers the following benefits to digital and data teams at financial institutions:

  • Over 200 digital experiences to choose from across every line of business, including credit cards, primary banking, mortgage lending, personal lending, wealth, SMB, financial wellness, lifecycle marketing, loyalty, and much more
  • Turnkey experience templates that decrease time to market by making it easy to design and deliver digital experiences
    An updated predictive and analytics view that tracks experience performance, with an in-depth look at how target audiences are engaging with active experiences
  • New export capabilities, enabling users to import their performance data into any business intelligence tool of their choosing
  • In addition to the launch of Experience Studio 2.0, Flybits is excited to release a number of new products and enhancements to be announced in the upcoming months.


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Ali Rahnema
Chief Corporate & Communications Officer, Flybits

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Flybits is the leading customer experience platform for the financial services sector, delivering  personalization at scale. With the most advanced capabilities in the market, its enterprise-level  solution brings relevant content, products, offers, and information to a bank’s digital channels based on what each individual customer needs in the moments that matter. With Flybits, banks  are able to design, launch, and measure data-driven consumer experiences that deliver the right  information to the right customer at the right time, while preserving their privacy. 

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