Increasing line of credit offer performance by 42x

A U.S. credit union noticed an uptick in email engagement at the start of the pandemic. It was clear to them that members were hungry for information.

Content Creation

The problem

An enterprise bank’s retail lending group wanted to grow their line of credit business while continuing to improve their market-leading customer experience. They were relying on traditional marketing channels, like direct mail and email to connect with customers. Unfortunately, they weren’t getting the results they wanted, with average engagement rates of 0.6% and 0.8% respectively.

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Triggers and Segmentation

The solution

Flybits helped them target customers who had demonstrated a high propensity for a line of credit while they were logged into their banking app. That way, they’d be able to market these products to people who actually needed them, improving the overall customer experience.

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The results

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higher performance

The enterprise bank was able to deliver a line of credit offer to consumers who were likeliest to respond, instead of broadcasting it through oversaturated legacy channels.The campaign received a 26% click-through rate, increasing performance by 42 times over traditional channels.

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Our Solution

Flybits has been a true partner and extension of our team. The platform allows us to have more personalized and contextualized conversations with our customers, and we’ve derived immediate value from being able to better understand and cater to those who bank with us. Our partnership with Flybits has unequivocally empowered us to take digital engagement and mobile adoption to new heights—and we’re just getting started.


Alan Mcintyre

Head of Global Banking

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