Accelerating your bank’s digital transformation. What industry leaders are doing today.

For many banks and credit unions, the pandemic has been a wake up call. Branches nationwide are closing down as customers flock online to do their banking. Unfortunately, the experience they’re getting isn’t meeting expectations.

Flybits’ Head of US Markets, Matt Singleton, has joined forces with Bobby Button, SVP of FinTegration Strategy and Sales at FedFis, to explore how digital is transforming financial services and the trends you should be watching.

Join Matt and Bobby for a 60 minute discussion, where you’ll learn how to empower your digital teams to meet and exceed customer expectations in the new economy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• How your competitors are leveraging data to deliver more value in today’s marketplace
• To evaluate fintech vendors and arrive at the best solution for your business and customers
• To future proof your tech stack so that you’re prepared to face new market realities


Bobby Button Profile Photo

Bobby Button

SVP, FinTegration Strategy and Sales


Matt Singleton Profile Photo

Matt Singleton

Head of US Markets