A letter from our CEO on COVID-19

As communities across the globe are preparing for the impact of COVID-19, I wanted to share how Flybits is addressing the situation to ensure the well-being of our team members, partners, and customers, while continuing to uphold our company vision and provide continuous service and support to our valued customers.

As a global company, we’ve been closely monitoring the situation, which is constantly evolving with new information arising daily. The health and well-being of our teams and the people we work with are top of mind for us. We are prepared to act swiftly, make any necessary adjustments, and shift course as new information becomes available.

Every decision we make is consistent with the facts and advice provided by the World Health Organization and our officials across government entities. We have developed a comprehensive plan with several proactive measures to address the situation depending on how things transpire. Currently, all our employees worldwide are now working remotely and we have put a hold on all non-essential company travel. As a technology company, we have not seen a difference in our productivity, collaboration, and progress as our team has been well trained in effective distributed collaboration. We now conduct our meetings virtually and our global team meets with high impact multi-media portals. We also have virtual lunches now to ensure the nuances of informal office interactions are not lost. 

To our customers, we understand that being in the financial services industry, you may experience changes in your customers’ visiting branches. Your business may also initiate remote working for your own teams. With that in mind, please know that your digital ‘customer service’ channels powered by Flybits will still be available and running 24/7 and we are committed to delivering high standards of service globally.

Understandably, this situation could change, but we are devoted to doing what is right for our teams and customers. Strong companies backed by great leadership are well equipped to manage and navigate during the time of a crisis. An analogy I like to use is this: skilled flight crews can fly a plane safely during the worst types of weather conditions. Our team members and management staff are well trained, proactive and vigilant to ensure that we can navigate this period safely with a low impact on our operations. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership; we will get through this together. 

Hossein Rahnama,
Founder & CEO of Flybits

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