Transforming Financial Services with Google Cloud AI: A Google Next ‘24 Panel Discussion with Flybits CTO, Petar Kramaric

Peter Kramaric speaking on Google Next panel discussing evolving landscape of financial services with Google Cloud AI

A Google Next ‘24 Panel Discussion with Flybits CTO, Petar Kramaric

At Google Next ’24, Flybits CTO Petar Kramaric, was onstage to share insights into the evolving landscape of financial services through the lens of Google Cloud AI. His panel discussion provided a thoughtful exploration of strategies and technologies shaping the industry’s future, including:

1. Tailored Solutions for Financial Institutions

The panel emphasized the importance of crafting solutions tailored to the specific needs of financial institutions. Through the lens of Google Cloud AI, Flybits develops customized use cases that address the nuanced challenges faced by banks and financial organizations. Supporting banks and credit unions in anticipating their customers financial needs, though digital engagement.

2. The Emergence of Generative AI

A central theme in the discussion was the emergence of Generative AI and its implications for financial services. Generative AI offers new avenues for customer engagement, risk management, and product development within the industry. Petar illustrated how this technology enables a more personalized and efficient approach for financial institutions by using both transactional and product data, combined with customer intent data.

3. Collaborative Innovation

The panel emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving progress within the financial services sector. By partnering with platforms, financial institutions can leverage cutting-edge technologies to refine existing processes and enhance customer interactions.

4. Navigating Change

In the midst of digital transformation, Kramaric’s insights offer guidance for financial institutions navigating change. By embracing cloud, AI model innovations and other emerging technologies, organizations can adapt to evolving consumer expectations and seize new opportunities for growth.

Google Next ’24 provided a nuanced perspective on the future of financial services. By embracing innovation with humility and strategic foresight, financial institutions can navigate change and continue to serve their customers effectively.

View Petar’s full panel discussion and other session recording from Google Next ‘24

About Flybits:

Flybits revolutionizes how financial institutions deliver personalization. Utilizing our award-winning framework, we simplify the connection between financial institutions, their data, and their customers. Our platform expedites the delivery of critical use cases with minimal IT intervention. Empowering the digital teams to regain control and seamlessly deliver data-led insights across all channels.

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