Autonomy with Flybits: A marketing professional’s perspective

There’s an old adage that if you want something done right, do it yourself. But in my experience as a Silicon Valley marketer for the past 20+ years, “doing it right” often meant depending on a technical expert to implement an idea or content change – web masters, developers, and other tech support within the company.

Yet now, more than ever, it’s vital to move and respond quickly to any opportunity that grabs your target audience and keeps them engaged. With most company resources “lean and mean”, I’ve usually had to wait in line for availability and/or budget. That’s why the Flybits platform is so intriguing to me as someone who consults with high tech clients using a mobile strategy as an important part of their marketing arsenal. Once it’s up and running, marketing managers can add or delete functions, make context-aware changes to their company’s mobile app on the fly (no pun intended), and keep it up-to-date on their own – without waiting for developer assistance.

This is a huge advantage considering that it isn’t good enough these days to send out a broad message and wait for customers to arrive. Consumers today want a personalized buying or service experience with their particular life-style in mind. And, as marketers know, this can be an ever changing target to hit.

The world moves fast and it’s vital to be able to react to trends and be flexible and fluid in response to unique personal needs as we endeavor to interact with our target audience. To have the ability to test a concept and then make adjustments in real time, without a huge outlay of time and money, is ideal in this day of IoT overload.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Silicon Valley is a technological wizard. And, while technology is an important part of our lives, being a developer probably isn’t. So, the ability for a marketing professional to manage a mobile app better, faster, and for less – on their own – just makes life better. If you are a marketer, I recommend taking a look at what Flybits technology can offer you.


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