Elevating Cardholder Experiences: Flybits and Visa Partnership

Flybits Visa Partnership

In a transformative collaboration, Flybits and Visa have joined forces to streamline the delivery of unparalleled cardholder experiences for Visa Partners. As a leading force in powering card and payments personalization, Flybits caters to innovative banks, credit unions, and issuers, offering industry-proven user experiences and data-led personalization in easily implementable solutions.

Flybits Cards, our Cardholder Lifecycle Management Solution, empowers financial institutions to revolutionize the cardholder journey from activation to retention, ensuring increased spending at each lifecycle stage. Here’s how Flybits Cards adds value to financial institutions:

Personalized Cardholder Lifecycle

Flybits enables personalization of the entire cardholder lifecycle, ensuring top-of-wallet status for card products. From activation to retention, every interaction is finely tuned to deliver a tailored and memorable experience.

Best-in-Class Experiences

With out-of-the-box guided cardholder lifecycle use case packages, Flybits Cards facilitates a seamless integration of best-in-class experiences, making it easy for financial institutions to provide exceptional services to their customers.

Scalable Cards Framework

Flybits Cards operates as an always-on solution, enhancing cardholder experiences at every stage of their lifecycle. The solution is meticulously personalized for each moment, delivering a remarkable customer experience while concurrently driving business results across various touchpoints:

  • Onboarding: Simplifying the process for new cardholders
  • Early Month on Book: Engaging cardholders in the weeks immediately following activation
  • Spend Stimulation: Encouraging increased card usage
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell: Strategically promoting additional services and upgrades
  • Card Offers: Delivering targeted offers for enhanced engagement
    Travel, Rewards, and Benefits: Tailoring experiences for travel, rewards, and exclusive benefits

The Flybits and Visa partnership is set to redefine cardholder experiences, combining technological innovation with a customer-centric approach. Financial institutions leveraging Flybits Cards can anticipate a significant uplift in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business success. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in enhancing the future of cardholder interactions, one personalized moment at a time.

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About Flybits:

Flybits revolutionizes how financial institutions deliver personalization. Utilizing our award-winning framework, we simplify the connection between financial institutions, their data, and their customers. Our platform expedites the delivery of critical use cases with minimal IT intervention. Empowering the digital teams to regain control and seamlessly deliver data-led insights across all channels.

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