Open letter

We have fully entered the Data Age. We generate it simply by going about our daily lives. It all gets collected on a colossal scale, processed at lightning speeds, then repackaged and fed back to us in unwanted and irrelevant forms. It follows us wherever we go, popping up uninvited, relentlessly demanding our time, attention, and money. It has spawned an influence industry worth trillions, telling us where to buy, how to dress, what to think. Everywhere we look, everywhere we turn – there it is. Data. It is the dominant force shaping society today. And it is not always benign.

Data is here for good. Shouldn’t it be here for better?

Data can become information. When information is well-managed, it becomes knowledge. And knowledge is power. When data is protected, organized, secured, and delivered through the right channels, its power can work for us: relieving stress, fostering connections, and improving lives. That is the true promise of the Data Age.

We at Flybits believe in the power of data, and in using that power for better. We embrace both the potential of data and the responsibility to protect it and use it wisely. We stand For Better Data. Data that’s secured and privacy-preserved, owned, and controlled by people, and working on their behalf. At Flybits, we partner with trusted institutions to make data better by embedding it in the context of people’s lives. We show them how to turn data into experiences and experiences into trustworthy, measurable value. And we help them put that value into people’s hands.

What does it look like, this world of Better Data we want to create? It’s a world where you know how your data is being used, because you decide who you share it with and how. It’s a world where data connects you to the people, places and things you value most, and filters out all the unwanted noise and risk. It’s a world where data doesn’t distract you, but respects you and helps you focus. And it’s a world in which trustworthy, accountable institutions are the standard-bearers of better data use.

This is the world we envisioned when we created Flybits, and it’s the world we’re working to build. A world where contextual data provides better options and better privacy, leading to better decisions and better lives.

This is why we strive For Better Data.

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